Alex Trofimov

Updated: 2022-08-17
  1. Human. Son. Husband. Belarusian. Engineer. Friend.
  2. Love Southern California.
  3. Extraverted. Active. Curious. Opinionated.
  4. Work with kind people.
  5. Delicate concerning user experiences.
  6. Enjoy optimizing performance.
Snap Inc. Santa Monica
Software Engineer. L5.
  1. Team Lead. Marketing web properties. (Read: Glorified Webmaster). Oversee dozens of websites. Typescript.
  2. UI Tech Lead and Team Lead for an internal product surfacing metric impact. Typescript. React. Python
Google Inc. Venice
Software Engineer. L4. L5.
  1. Maintaining pipeline for collecting and aggregating human evaluation data. Specialized in Ewoq UI, refactorings, budgeting, data aggregation, testing and release infrastructure.
    Java (300k LOC), SQL, Dart, Angular, GWT, Bazel, Spanner.
  2. Worked on Google Ads (AdWords) front-end team to deliver advertising campaign grouping results. Surfaced targets reached with millions of dollars that before required third-party interventions. Specialized in charting (data visualization) and UI optimizations.
    Java (500k LOC), Javascript, GWT
Doctorsoft Inc. Northridge.
Software Developer.
  1. User Interface Lead on the Electronic Heathcare Record (EHR) system. Java. GWT.
  2. Programmed on an HP-all-in-one positioned on top of an old network switch over a sink. Used a cheap wireless keyboard that came with it. Good old times.
Baskin School of Engineering, Santa Cruz
Teaching Assistant
  1. Worked with Professor Dilbert Bailey in Programming.
  2. Worked with Professor Paulo Franca in Computer Literacy.
  3. Supervised hundreds of students.
  4. Ran laboratory sections, taught lessons and graded assignments.
ClickTime Inc, San Francisco
Junior Developer (Intern++)
  1. Helped the team out and did small projects like: added receipts uploads; added a notification system. Javascript, extJS, ASP.NET, TransSQL.
Residential Computing, Berkeley
Senior Residential Computing Consultant (RCC)
  1. Repaired computers for users of all tech levels, students, faculty and outside partners.
  2. Wrote extensive documentation and guides; trailed new RCCs.
  3. Provided technical support via phone and e-mail.
Residential and Student Service Programs, Berkeley
Security Monitor
  1. Kept residential halls and premises safe and secure, patrolled the ground floor.
  2. Acted as first point of contact for residents to RSSP staff and services.
Abercrombie and Fitch, Los Angeles
Overnight Restocker
  1. Restocked clothes, neatly folding them onto shelves ordered by size.
Nielsen Ratings Research Group, Los Angeles
Marketing Research Assistant
  1. Aided in conducting studies on entertainment preferences. (Read "cold called random number and asked about movies.")
3 Cards Short
Webmaster. Classmate of one of the band members.
  1. Made a homepage for a high school garage band. Listed their upcoming gigs. It had a guestbook.
University of California, Santa Cruz
Master of Science, Computer Science, Baskin School of Engineering
  1. Produced a master's thesis on image orientation classification.
  2. Absorbed Artificial Intelligence, Machine Learning
  3. Dabbled in Statistics, Information Theory. Emphasys on Bayesian modeling.
  4. Studied under professor Manfred Warmuth (Good guy. Keeps bees).
  5. GPA: 4.00 (w00t).
University of California, Berkeley
Bachelor of Science, College of Engineering
  1. Majored in Electrical Engineering and Computer Science (Track 4 / CS)
  2. Minored in Demographics
  3. Completed 162 units out of 120 required. Could have graduated early.
  4. Took Japanese.
  5. GPA: 3.34. Last ~1.5 years straight A's though.
Los Angeles City College, Los Angeles
(During High School)
  1. Computer Science and Game Development (read "Flash" before Adobe)
  2. Math classes like Linear Algebra
  3. Economics and Statistics
  4. GPA: 4.00. It's a community college.
Fairfax High School, Los Angeles
  1. GPA: 4.12, 5th in a class of 697
  2. Very High Honor Roll (x8). Same as above.
  3. Perfect Attendance (x6). I had 2 dental apointments.
  4. All the hardest math/science classes.
  5. Took French.
  6. Track (Long Distance, 1 and 3 miles) and Field (High Jumps)
Bancroft Middle School, Los Angeles
  1. GPA: 4.0, but who cares?
  2. Peanut butter and jelly sandwiches every day.
School 189, Minsk
  1. Studied Russian, Belarusian, English and German.